Picking the saffron plant
Picking the saffron plant

Shipping packaging has been very important to us since 1983 when we started.  Our creations have taken time, work and passion to be made, therefore it is essential to us that you receive them intact. For each item to be shipped, we create a wooden box in the dimensions of the item, so as to ensure its safe transport. On top of that, all shipments travel fully insured by courier and you receive at your door.

In the photo gallery  on this site, you can browse some of our creations, there is a very big selection in our gallery and it is not possible to upload all the pictures. All photos have a code, dimensions and a few words about each project, we will be happy to give you more information. Each item  is withdrawn from the collection when  sold, and the site is enriched with a new creation.

All items are hand-painted (freehand drawing) with indelible paint over time, and have been painted with an aging treatment (so that they look old).  

We undertake the maintenance of any item you have bought from us, no matter when you made the purchase. Do not hesitate to contact us!

All materials used by the Atelier Nic Gabriel, packaging materials, transport bags, wrapping papers, are eco-friendly and recyclable.