Art gallery

Atelier - Nic Gabriel

Hand painted unique creations inspired by Ancient Greek art and history

Established in  1983

Ceramics - Murals - Miniatures - Figurines

Shipped internationally from Crete

Classic Corinthian Geometric Minoan Mycenaean Kamares

Discover ancient greek style and techniques as they are captured through history

Classic Red figure Krater by Euphronios painter about 515 BC
Classic Red figure Krater by Euphronios painter about 515 BC

Atelier Nic Gabriel, is a workshop & physical store, operating in Crete since 1983. The objects are created one by one by Nic Gabriel, with respect to ancient Greek history and art. The visitor can see the artist at the time of creation, the beginning and the evolution of the object, until the final result and receive any information about it.

Influenced by the ancient Greek art, as it is expressed in the painting and decoration of vases, as well as murals, he studied and worked especially on greek art and acquired specialization in the creation and processing of works, attributing them with his personal seal. All ceramics are made of pure clay and worked with aging technique, while all wall paintings are made of wood.

All art works bear Nic Gabriel's singature and production is not repetitive. The items - apart from this site - are exhibited and sold only in the permanent exhibition that operates all year round in Agios Nikolaos, Crete. 

  • all vases & figurines are made of clay
  • wall-paintings are painted on wood with the special technique of fresco while most of them are embossed murals
  • each product bears the signature of the artist Nic Gabriel
  • all products are entirely painted by Nic Gabriel himself, from beginning to end

A view from our physical store-workshop in Agios Nikolaos Crete